CopperPress Press Fittings are the newest press products on the market and changing the game.
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We believe in focusing on what matters most to our customers.  That is why we we are bringing you the most complete, featured, and affordable PRESS product on the market today!

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Why CopperPress?

Many companies want to use catchy names to try to convince users to purchase their products, but we believe there is too much “con” in the word convince. Therefore we tell it like it is, and call it what it is: CopperPressTM The Pro’s that purchase and press our product are Smart not because the name of the product or brand, but because they see value, and the no gimmick, no nonsense approach puts money in back in their pockets. 

· We saw the need to create a better path to market with a better product to serve the end user. So we did it!


 We watch large organizations move extremely slowly to provide solutions to the needs of the end users.  


 We could no longer stand by while the end users struggled with trying to mix and match material or pay an extremely high premium to purchase the leading materials only to cut into their own ability to make money and maintain employees.


Simply put, We wanted to make it easier, faster, and more profitable for the person using these products to price, procure, and install with less hassle and run around.

We really just want to give the end user, the person that is making it happen, what they have been asking for over many years.  A fully featured, quality product that is easy to specify and purchase at an affordable price.

This is what led to the break away wraps, visual and printed colors, complete line offering with matching lay lengths, consistent wall thicknesses that don’t leak, and a leak before press system that works as good, if not better, than the market leaders. 

Oh, and did we mention at a fraction of the cost!!!!!

CopperPress Press Fittings

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